Wednesday, April 30, 2008

3,000 policemen deploys in Metro Manila for Labor day

April 30, 2008
Story 2: 3,000 policemen deploys in Metro Manila for Labor day

National Capital Region Police office (NCRPO) Chief Geary barias has deployed 3,000
policemen all over Metro Manila in relation to the Labor Day on May 1, 2008. This is in
connection with the protets rally that will happen in line with Labor Day.

At around 12:00 noon, of April 30 or the day before Labor Day, Barias has put the NCRPO
police in full alert. The 3,000 policemen are all part in Civil Disturbance Management (CDM).
These already includes the augmentation force from Region 3 and Region 4a.

Barias cleared that they did not received reports of any threat on the protests rally that will happen on May 1, but they will closely monitor on a possibility that a certain group will disrupt the activities.

Meanwhile, PNP Chief Avelino Razon will put the nation on Heightened Alert on May 1,
starting 8:00 am.

This operational readiness condition will ensure that 50% of police units, personnel and resources will be available for peace and order, and public safety operations to ensure the orderly and uneventful celebration of the Labor Day.

PNP-Public Information Office (PIO) Chief Supt. Nicanor Bartolome also explains that it is not their job to prevent people from holding public assemblies, "But to enforce the law and remind the participants of their responsibilities when holding public assemblies."

Misuari visited DILG Sec. Puno at Camp Crame

Ma. Lourdes "Miami" Ebilane
April 30, 2008
Story 1: Misuari visited DILG Sec. Puno at Camp Crame
Former Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao Governor Nur Misuari visited Department of Interior Local Government (DILG) Secretary Ronaldo Puno on his office at Camp Crame Wednesday morning.

Misuari said he is only visiting Puno because, "he handles his security especially during the time that he was in house arrest."

"He was under our care during his house arrest and he is still under our care in terms of security because he is important personality we want to ensure his safety," Puno said. The DILG Secretary said they also talk about how Misuari can be possibly assist in the peace process
in Mindanao.

Misuari, Chairman of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) is expected to attend the peace process meeting of the Organization of Islamic COnference (OIC) in the Middle East on the end of May 2008. Puno said Misuari is an essential element in any peace process
meeting in relation to Mindanao region. Puno recalled, " In the OIC there is only one observer status granted to be in the organization from our country and that is the MNLF (Chaired by Misuari)."

However, the two denied that they talked about the upcoming election at the ARMM region on August 11. But, Puno is hoping that on the elction at the ARMM region, it will be computerized already.

"To stop speculations, of course it will be essential if it will be computerized," Puno said and cleared immediately that their political party Kabalikat ng Malayang Pilipino (KAMPI) has no agenda in the ARMM election and they do not have candidate there.

Misuari expressed that he will not run on the upcoming election. "We are not making any preparation with regards to the election. There is no decision at all, and not showing interest to get involved," he said.

If ever he will run, Misuari said that he has to consult his leaders and followers because as Chairman of MNLF he said he do not decide on
his own alone.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Multi-sectoral groups calls for economic relief

April 29, 2008
Story 1: Multi-sectoral groups calls for economic relief

Fair Trade Alliance (FTA) composed of members from different sectoral groups like business industry, academe, civil societies, labor groups, fishermen, farmers, and industry sectors joined together to call for an economic relief.

The group said that the government is not being able to save the country, crisis continue affect the Philippines. In observance for the Labor day on May 1, the group has presented some points that they will present to Malacanang on Labor day on the streets.

Their points are to provide immediate economic relief to the poorest of the poor both in urban and rural areas by way of food subsidy and the creation of emergency employment programs. “What the government should address is employment for the Filipino people, income and food, but what is happening, all basic commodities are becoming expensive, and some of our countrymen lost their jobs,” Wigfredo Tanada said, the Lead Convenor of the Fair Trade Alliance.

The group also want the Arroyo administration to direct the National Food Authority to buy palay from the farmers at such level of volume and prices that would enable the farmers to recoup their production cost and earn a little income until the next harvest season.

Dave Diwa, labor convenor of the group said, “Buying palay from our local farmers will be a big help for our people and to our government as well because they will not going to import more.”

They are also suggesting for the suspension of RVAT for food and medicines for the duration of the food crisis. “We are not asking them to cancel it, but to suspend only, so that people especially earning with minimum wage can still afford to buy foods and not to fel the crisis,” Diwa said.

They also want the administration to issue an Executive Order allowing communities to plant food crops in idle lands, both in private and public, so not to feel the food crisis. They believe agro-industrial is the key to for the country’s attainment of food security and agricultural sovereignty.

The FTA is expecting that the government will listen to their suggestions. Their suggestions will be reiterated on May 1 or Labor day rally at Liwasang Bonifacio in Manila.

PNP wants confiscated guns to be their property

April 29, 2008
Story 3: PNP wants confiscated guns to be their property

Philippine National Police Chief, Avelino Razon is considering the confiscated guns presented at the courtrooms as evidence to be at their property.

The will closely coordinate with the regional branches of the judiciary and prosecution services for the retrieval of confiscated firearms submitted as evidence in court proceedings.

“The loose firearms submitted as evidence become ‘custodia legis’ or in the custody of law, may be turned over to the PNP because the PNP is in need of guns,” PNP Public Information Office Chief Supt. Nicanor Bartolome said.

He said it will be better if these guns will be turned over to the PNP than to buy new guns which will cost them. They will use the guns that being cleared by the Court. “Of course we will legalize it especially those with serial numbers we will register it as our own and be distributed to our PNP units,” Bartolome said.

But, if the serial number of the guns are erased the PNP will not consider it.

The PNP Spokesman explained that the PNP observes a set of procedures in the disposition of onfiscated, captured, surrendered and deposited (CCSD) firearms, wherein some of these CCSD firearms may be forfeited in favor of the government to become PNP property.

"When these loose firearms eventually become PNP property, these can be issued to police units and personnel that are in need of such equipment," Bartolome said.

As of now, the PNP is already accounting on the number of firearms like handguns, shotguns and rifles that they need for the whole country.

Former DOJ secretary Nani Perez posted bail in Batangas City day before the arrest warrant was served

April 29, 2008
Story 2: Former DOJ secretary Nani Perez posted bail in Batangas City day before the arrest warrant was served

Former Department of Justice Secretary Hernando Perez posted bail at Batangas City Regional Trial Court Monday afternoon, between 4pm to 5 pm or day before the Sandiganbayan Sheriffs and Policemen served the warrant of arrest against him.

Perez posted bail amounting to Php 308,000 at Batangas City Regional Trial Court at the sala of Batangas City RTC Executive Judge Ruben Galvez for all his four cases at the Sandiganbayan. His wife, Rosario Perez is the one who went to the Batangas City RTC to post bail.

The former secretary is facing four different charges at the Sandiganbayan; violation of Section 3-B of Anti-graft and Corrupt Practices Act or RA 3019 (Sec. 3. Corrupt practices of public officers); robbery; falsification of public documents; and violation of Sec. 7 (Statement of assets and liabilities) of RA 3019 in relation to Section 8 (Statements and Disclosure) of RA 6713. All these cases are under different Division of the Sandiganbayan from 1st to 4th respectively.

His wife, Rosario Perez is his co accused in Section 3-B of Anti-graft and Corrupt Practices Act also posted bail in Batangas City RTC. His business partner Ramon Arceo, his co-accused in robbery case had filed bail at the Sandiganbayan since Monday afternoon.

The policemen and Sandiganbayan Sheriffs searched for Nani and Rosario Perez on their residence Tuesday morning in Old Balara, Quezon City but did not see any of them. They only learned that the couple posted bail Tuesday afternoon at around 4:30 pm, upon receiving the bail money.

Monday, April 28, 2008

NRPO to be under full alert before May 1

April 28, 2008
Story 1: NRPO to be under full alert before May 1

In preparation for the rally or potests that will transpire on may 1, 2008 or Labor day, Philippine National police Chief of Public Information Office CSupt. Nicanor Bartolome confirms that a full alert will be implemented.

“Full alert will be implemented the day before May 1,” Bartolome said.

He also said that some personnel from different provincial police office of Luzon will augment with the Civil Disturbance Management of the NCRPO personnel, “The number still undetermined, as the negotiations between General (Geary) Barias (NCRPO Chief) and Regional Directors still being conducted.”

The personnel for the augmentation will arrive on April 30, 2008, the day before May 1, also the day when the full alert will be implemented.

Though the Metro Manila will be under full alert, Bartolome said that they do not see any threat on the rallies that will happen on May 1. The PNP is not considering any individual as a suspect that might jeopardize the Labor day rally.

Maximum tolerance will be practiced by the policemen on the rally sites.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Groups calls on senators to reject the conditional concurrence for JPEPA

April 27, 2008
Story 2: Groups calls on senators to reject the conditional concurrence for JPEPA

Magkaisa JUNK JPEPA coalition is calling the attention of the Senators not to approved the resolution that Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago is recommending.

Santiago, Chair of the Senate committee on Foreign Relations is said to have been asking her colleagues to issue a “conditional concurrence” on the Japan-Philippine Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA). The Mgkaisa JUNK JPEPA, composed of different groups against it, said they do not totally agree on the said “conditional concurrence.”

On their statement, the group said, “Conditional Concurrence. To say that even if the JPEPA is unconstitutional, unfair and discriminatory, the senators must still cast a vote of approval because maybe, just maybe, Japan will agree to the Philippines’ attempt to “fix” the problems of this agreement.”

For the group the “fix” would mean to fix only the talks with regards to the constitutional problems of the agreement, but it will disregards the unfairness of the deal and discriminatory provisions of the treaty.

Esther de Tagle, representative from Green Convergence expressed her views on the “conditional concurrence” she said, “With the JPEPA treaty, Japan will have the liberty to dispatch to our country all the things that they do not want anymore. We should take care of our biodiversity.”

She even said that the Philippines is very rich with natural resources and why let other country like Japan explore to the country’s own resources. The group even considers if the JPEPA will be ratified, it will only means that the Philippines is being sold to Japan.

The group said the government is insisting that the Philippines already left behind by other Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore that already had agreement with Japan. But the Magkaisa Junk JPEPA said it will be better to be left behind than continue with a questionable treaty. “If with other country the treaty seems to be ok with them, so be it, why should we imitate them?” Tagle asked.

For the fishermen, they are also not in favour of the JPEPA, saying that they will be very much affected once it will be ratified. “Fishermen will be very much affected because the Japanese will have the rights to fish in our seas, with their technology and equipments our fishermen will lost to them. They will also be able to fish some of the endangered species in our territorial seas. Nothing will left to our own fishermen.” Uper Aleroza said, representative from Kilusang Mangingisda.

“The Senate cannot also take the chances with the lives of poor people with the little benefits that JPEPA promises,” Aleroza added.

The group also said that they received reports that the proposed resolution of Senator Santiago will be tackled at the plenary on Monday, during the Senate’s session. “We call on the Senators to stand for the Filipino people. To defend this country. To have the courage to reject an unconstitutional, unfair, and discriminatory deal peddled by the Executive Branch.”

With Senator Santiago’s moved to have “conditional concurrence” on the JPEPA treaty, the group thinks this is merely an admission that the JPEPA has a defect and they think the best way to do it is to reject it and not to ratify or make any conditions just for the sake of having this treaty on the country.

Bomb exploded in bus in North Cotabato, no one was reported injured

April 27, 2008
Story 1: Bomb exploded in bus in North Cotabato, no one was reported injured

A bomb which seems to be planted in a bus exploded in Midsyap, North Cotabato City last April 26, 2008 at around 9:00 pm.

The bus identified as Weena Bus Line was parked 100 meters away in front of Midsayap Pilot Elementary School, “The bomb is at the base of the bus, on its left side and driver’s side,” said PO3 Jemuel Sumaguit, officer on the case from Midsayap Municipal Police Station.

Sumaguit said the motive of the bombing are still under investigation. They still do not have any suspects on who are the responsible on the incident.

“As far as I can remember the last time that we have a bombing incident here was year 2005, and since then our municipality is already quiet,” Sumaguit added.

Fragments or debris of the bomb did not reach the school where the bus was parked. The police still investigating what kind of bomb were used but according to them it might be from 81 mm mortar.

No one reported hurt or died on the bombing incident. The driver of the bus is not around when the incident happened.

Friday, April 25, 2008

NCRPO to enhance dragnet operation and hoping to have more discipline zone in Metro Manila

Ma. Lourdes “Miami” Ebilane
April 25, 2008
Story 2: NCRPO to enhance dragnet operation and hoping to have more discipline zone in Metro Manila

National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) Regional Director Geary Barias said he is hoping to have more discipline zone in Metro Manila and to have the dragnet operations of each districts to be enhanced more.

Barias cited that the Quezon City has launched their discipline zone last April 23, 2008 along Commonwealth Avenue from Philcoa to Fairview which was dubbed as Sumunod sa Batas or SB Zone. “This is an initiative of the local government of the Quezon City, our role here is for support and of course to apprehend those who will violate any violations even just simple jaywalking.”

He is hoping that other cities in Metro Manila will follow suit. According to him, the main player on the said project is the Mayor of the city, its local enforcers, neighbours, barangays and the MMDA. “We will suggest the discipline zone to the Mayors of the other cities,” Barias said. He also added that if the discipline zone in Commonwealth Avenue the next is the Quezon Avenue.

The main reason for choosing the Commonwealth Avenue is because many people and vehicles are passing by, there are many vendors on the sidewalk and considered as deadliest street.

Those who will violate will have to pay penalties depending on the order of the local government.

Another project that the NCRPO is eyeing is the enhancing of their dragnet operations for them to be able to capture fleeing suspects from the crime scene.

The NCRPO want their radio unit to be upgraded and be connected to all units especially on the District Tactical Operations Center (DTOC) of the districts. This is important so that the police can be able to run after the criminals after an incident and be able to inform other districts to help them capture the criminals who will might run on their districts.

Barias admittedly said that enhancing their dragnet operations will be a big help for them to be able to apprehend suspect, “Our districts are not very much coordinated and connected when it comes to communications. We have different radio frequencies, so we want to have one radio that will be connected from one district to another and of course to the headquarters in NCRPO.” The headquarters of the NCRPO is at Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig.

NCRPO Regional Director for Operations Chief SSupt. Samuel Pagdilao said by enhancing their dragnet operations they will also need more personnel, more patrol cars and motorcycles as well, but they will really have to start with the communications.

“What we need is one radio at the NCRPO headquarters that will be used for dragnet operations alone and will be connected to the tactical Operations Center of each districts,” Pagdilao explains.

On his example, Pagdilao said, if ever there is a bank robbery happening in Quezon City, Tactical Operations will inform the NCRPO headquarters, after which, the NCRPO headquarters will inform the nearest district for possible dragnet operations especially if the suspects left the crime scene in less than a minute. “We have to alarm the district that will be possible exit points of the suspects so that our police will have checkpoints immediately,” Pagdilao said.

The NCRPO want to have radio for dragnet operations alone so that the messages that are already coming on the radio that they already have will not be congested. However, Pagdilao also said that the radio for dragnet operations are already available long before, but it was not being practiced to use.

“We want everybody to move, they (policemen on other districts) should not make reasons that ‘it’s their districts, that’s their case’ we do not want this to happen or to be the attitude of our policemen,” Pagdilao added.

With the dragnet operations, once the exit points were blocked, the operations from where the crime has happened will forward the profile of the suspects like the descriptions of the vehicles and the suspects, number of suspects and vehicles used. The concerned districts will give the necessary information on the next district for the policemen at the exit points will be aware of what they should look for.

Pagdilao also said that by the month of May they will have field training exercise on dragnet operations. “We will do this, for our people to be operational on this kind of situations, so that when the reality once happened, they know what to do already.” He added that they observed that most suspects doing crime at a certain area leave the crime scene in less than two minutes, so they really need to block the possible exit points of the suspects.

Prisoner to be transferred to Quezon City jail rescued by peers, escaped his police escorts

Ma. Lourdes “Miami” Ebilane
April 25, 2008
Story 3: Prisoner to be transferred to Quezon City jail rescued by peers, escaped his police escorts

Philippine National Police Chief Avelino Razon has ordered for a manhunt operation of Pedro Rodica and eight other suspects who helped Rodica escaped at around 8:10 am.

Rodica was rescued by eight armed men while being transferred to Quezon City Jail in Kamuning from the PNP Crime Lab in Camp Crame. Rodica was detained at Station 7 or Camp Panopio, Cubao under Quezon City Police District (QCPD). He was brought first to Camp Crame Crime Lab for physical medical examination.

“The immediate priority action is to re-capture the suspect and account for his armed accomplices. The initial observation was that the three police escorts were obviously outnumbered and outgunned by eight suspects who were armed with assault weapons,” Razon said.

Rodica is facing robbery with homicide case. Based on the report by Station 7 Station commander Procopio Lipanan, while the patrol car is on its way to Quezon City Jail, on EDSA underpass near Baliwag Transit Terminal in Cubao, one white Toyota Revo with no plate number blocked the path of the police car.

Four hooded heavily armed men with M-16 rifle and short fire arms alighted from another vehicle which is a Red Adventure with no plate number as well. The red Adventure came was from the back of the patrol car, giving the policemen an idea that they were been followed by the red Adventure vehicle.

These four armed suspects held the police escorts at the bay at gunpoint and take possession of their service firearm and cellphones. Then Rodica went to the vehicle that blocked the patrol car which is the Toyota Revo and they all fled immediately.

The three police escorts were PO3 Juanito Felices, the one driving the patrol car; SPO2 Serafin Castellano seated at the right front seat; and PO3 Randy Danggaap seated at the back with the suspect.

Chief SSupt. Nicanor Bartolome, Chief of the Public Information office of the PNP, said investigation is now being handled by QCPD District Dir. Magtanggol Gatdula.

Among the angle that the police will investigate, “is to look for the loopholes, on what had transpire why the policemen did not fight the rescuer of Rodica,” Bartolome said.

He added what happened should be served as a basis for the policemen to make some corrections on what went wrong on transferring a criminal from one station to another.

Bartolome also said that the police were obviously outnumbered because the suspects were eight and the policemen are only three. They will check on who is the responsible on the situation, if it is the station commander or the police escorts.

Boy killed in a vehicular accident in Camarines Sur, 25 others injured

April 25, 2008
Story 1: Boy killed in a vehicular accident in Camarines Sur, 25 others injured

A boy age between one to two years old got killed in a vehicular accident while the bus is at the Maharlika Highway in barangay Pamukid, San Fernando Camarines Sur at 1:30 pm of April 24.

The said bus came from the municipal town of Cadusao, Camarines Sur and going to Naga City. According to PO3 Joel Saruco, officer-on-case, there is a heavy rain and the road is slippery, then the driver lost its control.

“It lost its control and according to the driver because of the rain he cannot clearly see the road either,” Saruco said. While it is about to turn left, the back of the bus, on its left side, bumped into the waiting shed which it is on the side of the road.

Estimated capacity of the bus is about 50 passengers, but the reported injured were 25 and all brought to Bicol Medical Center and only sustained minor injuries.

The boy died because his head bumped into the window of the bus and sustain head fracture.

The driver of the bus was identified as Geogens Credo, but later released by San Fernando police. Credo explained that there were no formal complaint yet and there were no case being filed yet that is why they have to release the driver within 36 hours or else, the police will be charged of illegal detention.

If formal complaint will be filed against the driver of the bus, he will be charged of reckless imprudence resulting to physical injuries and homicide.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Barias ordered immediate probe on the shooting incident happened in Manila

Ma. Lourdes “Miami” Ebilane
April 24, 2008
Story 4: Barias ordered immediate probe on the shooting incident happened in Manila

To stop the speculation that the shooting incident happened in Delpan Bridge in Tondo, Manila was another incident of rub-out, National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) Director Geary Barias had ordered Manila Police District Director Roberto Rosales to make a concrete report and follow-up investigation on the said incident.

The MPD clarified earlier reports that there are seven suspects have been killed. Rosales said there were only six of them, and two others civilian got killed and one bystander was injured.

The shooting incident occurred at the Delpan Bridge in Tondo. The suspects were riding at a Nissan Urvan Van color maroon (ZEY-778). Rosales narrated that since last week they are receiving report of a suspicious vehicle roaming in the area and planning to hold-up a business establishment. “But yesterday (April 23) the reports were consistent and it did not stop that day, so we put chokepoints before approaching Delpan Bridge, Anda Circle (between Intramuros and Port Area) and within the vicinity of Kalaw St.”

The chokepoints according to Rosales is not a simple checkpoint wherein a mobile patrol will check on the vehicles, in chokepoints, aside from one police mobile patrol there are other elements of policemen in the vicinity that will be ready to fight of something happened.

True enough, the van, upon approaching the Delpan Bridge and seeing the chokepoints, they slow down and started to fire their guns. “Chase happened in the Bridge, on the spot four were declared dead on the spot, while the other two went outside of the vehicle and run on different directions. Two of these suspects jumped over the railings that separate the north and south bound lanes. But the police were able to shot them.”

He added, about 50-60 meters away from the incident the place saw white Isuzu Fuego two of its passenger were already dead. “Probably died because of the croissfire.”

Rosales identified the two civilians that got killed as Victor Constantino and Rolando Natividad both employees of Asia Brewery and about to go home already from work.

The MPD Director expressed sympathy on the families of these victims. But he is also saying that they are not part of the shoot out, or considered as the suspects. “They were caught in the crossfire.”

With this, Barias has ordered the policemen who responded to the crime scene to subject their guns for ballistic test identify of the bullets that hit the suspects came from the police or from the suspects.

Rosales said, they even have a witness who said that the suspect fired the gun to the civilian victims because one of the suspect who run forcing them to give to him the Isuzu Fuego wherein the victims refused.

Senator Biazon testify in Oakwood mutiny says it is not coup d’ etat

April 24, 2008
Story 3: Senator Biazon testify in Oakwood mutiny says it is not coup d’ etat

Senator Rodolfo Biazon testified at the Makati RTC Branch 148 for the Oakwood mutiny case of Magdalo soldiers last July 2003 and said what happened is not a coup d’ etat.

Atty. Ernesto Francisco said in the testimony of Biazon, he said that the soldiers in Oakwood only express their grievances, “He (Biazon) said Oakwood uprising did not demand for the resignation of the President but only those of then Armed Forces chief Angelo Reyes and Generals Hermogenes Ebdane and Victor Corpuz. Because these soldiers believed that there is corruption happening at the military and the officers are not addressing it.”

During the negotiation with the Magdalo soldiers during the Oakwood stand-off, Biazon was with Senator Gregorio Honasan, former Senator Vicente Sotto, former Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Mike Defensor, and Senior Deputy Chief of Staff Renato Velasco.

The senator also said that he did not saw any explosives or snipers holding a firearm during the Oakwood.

“The soldiers has no intention to take over the government, they just want somebody else to hear their sentiments. Actually, the testimony of Senator Biazon is consistent with the testimony of former Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff Narcisio Abaya with regards to this,” Atty. Francisco said.

Francisco said the Magdalo soldiers have no targets or whatsoever that is why their act cannot be considered as coup d’ etat.

However, for the prosecution, “it was not damaging to prosecution's allegation that the Oakwood incident was indeed a coup d'etat. Let us remember that the coup d'etat incidents he was recounting in court happened before the coup d'etat law was enacted in October 1990," Asst. Chief State Prosecutor Richard Fadullon said.

Biazon said to the court that the coup d’ etat happened in August 1987 and December 1989is far from what happened in Oakwood. “Wherein during those times, the two coup d'etat incidents were clearly directed to attack the AFP General Headquarters at Camp Crame and the Malacañang Palace to destabilize the administration of former President Corazon Aquino. They even fired their guns but in Oakwood that did not happened,” Francisco said.

Ten-wheeler truck burned by rebels in Cagayan

April 24, 2008
Story 2: Ten-wheeler truck burned by rebels in Cagayan

A ten-wheeler truck was burned by allegedly members of New People’s Army (NPA) in a road Bgy. Kapanikian, Sta. Ana, Cagayan last April 21, 2008.

The incident happened at around 4:00 am when the alleged members of NPA blocked the way of the truck and asked the driver and its three passengers to go down of their truck. The truck is about to go to the quarrying site at Kapanikan and Dungeg River.

The passengers and the driver of the truck were employees of GC Construction who is doing quarrying on the said place.

The suspects are carrying long firearms when they appeared to the victims and asked for their cellphones then ordered the victims to light and burn the front portion of the ten-wheeler truck. The suspects also stated that they are strongly opposing the quarrying operation in the area.

“What they are trying to say is that this is a sort of warning to other who are quarrying at the area,” SPO1 Fernando Simangan said, investigator of Cagayan Provincial Police Office. It seems the suspect want to set an example to other who are making quarrying on the said area.

After the truck was burned, the suspects returned the cellphones to their victims. No one was hurt on the incident.

Child killed in a fire incident in Pasig City

April 24, 2008
Story 1: Child killed in a fire incident in Pasig City

A four year old boy got killed when their house was blaze by fire Wednesday night April 23 in Barangay Sto. Thomas Pasig City.

The boy died while their house was burning, he was identified as Suave Dimacoor, 4 year old. He was left with a lighted candle left by her mother identified as Adewa Dimacoor. The fire started at the second floor of their house located at 1211 Baltazar Street, Bgy. Sto. Thomas, Pasig. Investigation disclosed that the house has no electricity that is why Adewa used candle on their house. Unfortunately she left the candle unattended.

On the initial investigation of FO1 Salvador Norberte, the fire started at around 10:17 pm, and was declared fire out at 11:42 pm. The fire reached the alarm of Task Force Bravo. The houses that were burned were only a blocked away from the fire station in.

Since the houses were made of light materials and the houses were very close the fire easily spread causing the firemen to have trouble going near the fire scene. The firemen joined 6 hoses so that they can put the fire out.

About 50 shanties were burned and 65 families were affected because of the fire, estimated damages were about P 1 million.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Seven suspected robbers killed in shoot out

Miami (April 23)
Seven alleged members of Waray-waray gang, a kidnap for ransom group was killed by the policemen of Manila Police District (MPD) at around 1:30 pm of April 23, 2008.

On the initial report of SPO4 Norman Cristobal of Moriones Police Station or Station 2 of MPD, they received tip or information from their source about suspicious Nissan Urvan (ZEY-778) along the port Area in Manila.

Upon receiving the said information, police from different stations were alarmed with the said information, and they planned a dragnet operation and set up a checkpoint before reaching Delpan Bridge in Tondo and other areas that the suspects may pass through.

Upon seeing the checkpoint, the suspects on board the Nissan Urvan, about seven people, ignore the checkpoint and run fast their vehicle. With this, the policemen chase after them and the suspects fired gun at the policemen chasing them.

Four of the suspects died on the spot, while three of them were rushed to Gat Andres Bonifacio hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

The identities of the suspects still unknown. Based on the initial investigation, it
found out that the suspects was planning to rob a business enterprise at the area.

Former town councilor survives kidnappers but got killed

April 23, 2008
Story: Former town councilor survives kidnappers but got killed

Former Councilor at Barangay Pasig, Calveria, Masbate escaped his abductors but still got killed by them.

Masbate Provincial police Deputy Provincial Director Domingo Mendaza said that the former councilor whom they known as Pepe Yap was abducted at his house at 6:00 am. Yap was with his son Byron when he was abducted.

On the event that the abductors together with Pepe Yap about to leave the area, Byron was able to run and asked help from neighbours and people from barangay hall whom responded to them immediately. The people nabbed the suspects and help Pepe escaped on them. But when Pepe was able to escape he was shot by one of the suspects on his chest.

Mendaza said, on the report that they received from Claveria, there were about 3 suspects, “We were thinking that the suspects shot the victim so that they can run, because the people, for sure, will help the victim if it is wounded.”

He added, the victim died while they are on way to the hospital in Masbate City, he was dead on the spot. “The people tried to bring the victim to the hospital, but since the barangay is far from the town proper and they have to bring the victim in Masbate City for treatment.”

The travel from Barangay Pasig, Town of Claveria going to masbate City is about two hours.

The motive of the abduction that lead to killing the victim still under investigation.

Plywood factory in Davao City exploded leaving one dead

April 23, 2008
Story: Plywood factory in Davao City exploded leaving one dead

A man had died after the steam boiler that he was protecting exploded right in front of him in a plywood factory in the town of Bunawan in Davao City.

Chief Investigator SPO4 Jessie Banzuela, of Bunawan Police Station said due to the strong impact of the explosion, the victim died on the spot and was thrown out of the building. The victim was identified as Austio Albelda, 51.

The incident occurred at around 2:45 pm of April 21.

According to their investigation, Albelda who was assigned in the production of the plywood is about to heat the steam boiler by putting woods on the said boiler when it exploded. “His name at the group was ‘fireman’ because he is in-charge of making the boiler heat.”

Banzuela added that the cause was allegedly due to high pressure which accumulated inside steam boiler and alleged malfunction of safety valve.

The company was Chaverson Wood Industrial Corporation is located at Sitio Maparlo, Barangay Manghayan, Bunawan, Davao City. The ground floor of the production building was damage, but other buildings attached to it were not affected according to Banzuela.

11 others were reported injured sustaining minor injuries and minor burns. They were brought to Rivera Hospital of Panobo City, Davao Oriental.

They were identified as Guillen Jaca-ac, Echon Entino, Reil Cagaan, Gabriel Serrano, Amelia Ocaba, Elena Gregori, Rene dela Torre, Felipe Alonzo, Elizer Restauro, Jomel Pagalan and Sofronio Niño. All are workers of the said factory. They are now in stable condition.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

13 cops relieved, 4 others suspended by NCRPO Chief

April 22, 2008
Story 4: 13 cops relieved, 4 others suspended by NCRPO Chief

National Capital Region Police Office Chief Geary Barias has ordered the relieve of 13 policemen from Manila Police District (MPD) and suspension on the four policemen of Quezon City Police District (QCPD) base on the complaints of individuals and other irregularities reports that his office had received.

The 13 MPD policemen were belonged to District Mobile Force-CDM are PINSP Mario Matibag, SP01 Rolando Beaquin, SPO1 Jamalito Dela Cruz, PO3 Marianito Ruedas, PO3 Ferdinand Coloma, PO3 Hilario Gregorio, PO2 Bienvenido Cinco, PO2 Arlan Alba, PO2 Eligio Valencia, PO2 Eustaquio Catchin, PO1 Dennis Bernabe, PO1 Christopher Lajom and PO1 Emard Orallo.

They were relieved because of the reported irregularities. Barias said, “They conducted checkpoints on their respective places without authority to do so.” They are under investigation and doing administrative duty at NCRPO headquarters.

Meanwhile, four policemen from QCPD is facing summary of dismal proceedings and was ordered by barias to be suspended for 90 days effective today April 22. Barias named the QCPD cops as SPO1 Danilo O Pading, PO2 Raul Tinana, PO1 Romualdo Bacani and PO1 Darlito Pinzon. He likewise directed the District Director to confiscate the firearms of the four cops.

Barias said they received report from a businesswoman who said that her car was subject for their checkpoint and the four policemen asked her to ride in a taxi with them and get her money amounting to P320,000. “Now there is an on going case against them and they are subject for dismissal upon proving that they are guilty.”

Barias said the campaign against cops in Metro Manila who are reportedly involved in various illegal activities will continue until the NCRPO has been cleansed of erring policemen.

TMG recovered stolen car being displayed in a car shop

April 21, 2008
Story 3: TMG recovered stolen car being displayed in a car shop

The PNP-Traffic Management Group (TMG) recovered a stolen car being sold in a car exchange shop in Paranaque City last April 17, 2008 at around 3:00 pm.

With the help of NCR Traffic Management Office, they recovered the Mitsubishi Space Gear which was reported to be missing since year 2004. According to Supt. Ewin Butucan, Spokesman of the TMG, the said car was already on their alarm lists of stolen or wanted motor vehicle.

The car has a plate number XNE 934 which was also reported to be missing, “It is possible that the plate number was only put on the car,” Butucan said.

He also added that they only received report about the car being sold at 2nd Plate Car Exchange Shop at Dr. Santos Ave. Sucat, Paranaque City and was being displayed there. The TMG investigate it and prove with their records that it was one of their Alarm notes.

Two of their asset acted as buyer and they apprehend the seller and the owner of the car exchange shop. The seller was identified as Arnel Yangco and the shop owner as Mario Laot. “They both denied the allegation, they told us that they do not know that it was carnapped. The said car was only sold to them and as their business, they will sell it to others as well,” Butucan explains.

He also said that Laot and Yangco might be victims as well, but since they are the ones who are selling the car they will face charges on violation of RA 6539 or Anti-Carnapping Law act and PD 1612 or Anti-fencing Law. But if they will be able to pinpoint who sold the car to them, they will be free of charge.

Five personnel of Dep-Ed hurt in road mishap in Palawan

April 22, 2008
Story 2: Five personnel of Dep-Ed hurt in road mishap in Palawan

Five personnel of Department of Education (DepED) hurt after the bus that they are riding in Palawan, suddenly tilted on one side of the road and fell on a ravine Tuesday morning.

The bus was identified as a passenger bus named “SWEETY” (DWU 125) boarded by 45 personnel of DepED from Batangas province and driven by Roger Padilla met their accident at Barangay Tinitian, Roxas, Palawan a national highway. The passengers were about to attend their Management Meeting and Planning Seminar (Lakbay-Aral) at El Nido, Palawan amidst earlier report that they are part of the delegation for Palarong Pambansa which is being held in Puerto Princesa.

The victims were identified as Normita Bulaclac y Mendoza, 64 years old, Dep-Ed District Superintendent
of Tuy, Batangas; Ligaya Silang y Calinao, 57 years old, Dep-Ed Division Supervisor of Banawan, Batangas and a resident of said place; Ma. Rosabel Cuevas y Montenegro, 40 years old, Dep-Ed Division Supervisor of Taal, Batangas; Gertodes Malabanan y Lapitan, 53 years old, Dep-Ed Division Supervisor of Sto. Thomas, Batangas; and Erlinda Macalintal y Peñas, 61 years old, Dep-Ed Division Supervisor of San Jose, Batangas.

Bulaclac sustained fracture on his left arm and being treated at Cooperative Hospital of Palawan in Puerto Princesa City. The rest of the victims were declared out of danger by attending physician.

The rest of the personnel also boarded the same bus as the victims proceeded to El Nido to continue their seminar.

Three badly hurt in vehicular accident in Makati City

April 22, 2008
Story 1: Three badly hurt in vehicular accident in Makati City

Three pedestrians were badly hurt after accidentally hit by L-300 van that was bumped by Isuzu cargo truck in Makati City Tuesday early morning.

In the initial investigation, SPO1 Mike Descalzo of Makati Traffic police said the pedestrians will cross the street after the traffic lights for vehicles turned into red, means to stop and the pedestrian light turned to green meaning they can cross the street. The incident took place along South Super Highway in Barangay Bangkal, Makati City.

Descalzo explained, “The L-300 was being followed by a cargo truck. The truck lost its break that is why it bumped to L-300 in front when it about to stop because the traffic light turned red. Since there are pedestrians who will cross the street they were hit by the L-300.”

The incident occurred at around 9:30 am, along South Super Highway near Arnaiz Street. The truck and the van was in the same direction, came from Buendia and approaching Magallanes flyover.

The pedestrians who were hurt were identified as Ronalso Catapangan, 40 and his daughter Karen Mae, 14; and Gerardo Viscara, 52. They were rushed to Makati Medical Center and still under observation. Descalzo said they sustained fractures in head, arms and chest.

The driver of the Isuzu truck was identified as Ronaldo Castillo, will face charges of reckless imprudence resulting to damage to property and multiple physical injuries.

Monday, April 21, 2008

PNP AID-SOTF arrests big time ATM, credit card fraudster and drug trafficker

April 21, 2008
Story 1: PNP AID-SOTF arrests big time ATM, credit card fraudster and drug trafficker

A Taiwanese national was arrested for drug trafficking and ATM or credit cards fraudster in Paranaque City last April 19, 2008.

The arrest happened at around 4:30 pm, at the residence of Chih Chien Yang with alias Jeff Yang in 19-B Humility St. Multinational Village, Paranaque City. Seized from the suspect’s residence are two card readers, two card printers, one picture printer, one card duplicating machine, one ID lamination about 2,000 blank ATM cards and five transparent bags of Ketamine about 70 kilograms, an ingredient or liquid substance used in making Methamphetamine or commonly known as shabu.

Deputy Chief Ricardo Marquez of PNP-Anti Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Force (AIDSOTF) said, the Ketamine is also being used for animals as tranquilizer but it has an effect of hallucinations if it will be used to human.

According to Supt. Leonardo Suan, Chief Special operation Unit of PNP-AIDSOTF, who headed the arrest, for equipment alone it already cost Php 3 million, while the Ketamine was about Php 350 million.

Suan added that per gram of Ketamine can be sold for about Php 5,000.

He said they learned about the whereabouts of Yang, through the other suspect they arrested last February 17, 2008 for possessing 66 kilos of ephedrine powder form. “Based on our interview with Chuang and we were able to trace the residence of Yang.”

The suspect is victimizing mostly foreigners through the internet, “He will use the access of internet, probably through hacking as well, then he will get the credit card number and the information of those foreigners. When he already got the information he need he will duplicate the card already and he will use it,” Suan said.

Yang is now facing charges for violation of RA 9165 or for illegal possession of dangerous drugs and violation of RA 8484 an act regulating the issuance and use of access devices, prohibiting fraudulent acts. He is now at the custody of AIDSOTF.

Private School in Zamboanga Sibugay blaze by fire

April 21, 2008
Story 4: Private School in Zamboanga Sibugay blaze by fire

A private school in Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay was blazed by fire early morning Friday and nothing has left, according to the fire official.

Chief Inspector Raul Broca, Provincial Fire Director of Zamboanga Sibugay said the fire started at around 2:00 am but they only learned about it at 3:00 am, “Because the residents are the one trying to put the fire out. Maybe because of panic, they did not able to call any firemen.”

He added only one passer by who saw the fire reported the incident to them, when the firemen arrived at the crime scene, the fire is very extensive already.

Broca also explained the structure of the school, he said the origin of the fire started in the laboratory located at the first floor of two storey building at the back of the school. The said building belongs to the College of Nursing. At the front and at the both side of the College of Nursing has another buildings belongs to another colleges all of it were totally burned.

According to Broca, the fire was confined on the school alone, but the fire reached Task Force Alpha. They also encountered some problem, “because some of the fire hydrants has no water, so our fire truck cannot be refilled, and also the fire easily spread.”

The school was identified as Medina College located at Bgy. Tiayon, Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay. There were no reported hurt or casualty on the fire incident.

The cause of the fire is yet to be determined because the investigators still conducting investigations and interview on the owners or administrators of the said school.

One soldier killed in an encounter with rebels in Isabela

April 21, 2008
Story 3: One soldier killed in an encounter with rebels in Isabela

Soldier identified as Private First Class Joel Aga-yong was killed in an encounter with alleged members of the New People’s Army (NPA) in Ilagan, province of Isabela.

Based on the report received by Isabela Provincial Police office, the 45th IB of Philippine Army is conducting their patrol operations at the Barangay Sta. Victoria, Ilagan, Isabela when the rebels attacked them.

Based on the report, there were about 30 NPAs who attacked them at around 6:00 am of April 20, 2008. The fire fight lasted for an hour.

There were no other reported injured or casualty, the rebels immediately escaped and run for their lives after the one hour encounter.

PNP denies “Efren” as their long time asset

April 21, 2008
Story 2: PNP denies “Efren” as their long time asset

Philippine National Police Chief Avelino Razon denies the claim of a certain Efren that he is a long time asset of the PNP intelligence group and asked to imitate the voice of Marine Capt. Nicanor Faeldon in a phone patch TV interview with ABS-CBN senior reporter Ces Drilon over ANC.

‘Efren’ was interviewed in a radio over dzbb and said that he was offered to do the job for about P185,000 but he only received P20,000. He also name names like Sr. Supt. Allen Bantolo, Provincial Director of Bulacan Provincial police as his handler and a certain Gen. Ferrer who allegedly involved.

Razon was quick to deny that they have an asset named Efren. He also identified the name that Efren mentioned as Gen. Ferrer, “General Ferrer is Director Dante Ferrer of the PNP-Intelligence. It is impossible that he ordered this certain Efren to imitate Capt. Faeldon, because that is not how the police work.”

“How could that happen where in fact he (Ferrer) is not here in the country, he is abroad attending training,” Razon added.

Ferrer was in Indonesia since April 6 for the training. The interview of the ABS-CBN with Faeldon happened last April 15, 2008 via phone patch interview. Razon even describe the story of Efren as “incredible.”

Razon said they are also thinking if Drilon really talked to the real Faeldon, “We are also looking at that, because it can be him or not.”

For Bantolo, he said he was surprised to learn that his name was been dragging on this issue, “I was shocked because I do not know him.” On the alleged that he was present at the White House, the official residence of the Chief PNP, in giving the P20,000 to Efren he added (Efren said that the Chief PNP was not at the White House then), “No, I haven’t been there, I do not know how it (White House) looks like.”

“The White House is a residence of the Chief PNP, not by Gen Ferrer so it is impossible for anyone to go there,” Razon said.

Efren said in the interview he revealed what he knew because he was promised to be paid P185,000 but only received P20,000. And was also promised that if Faeldon will come up or be arrested the P 1 million bounty will be given to him as well.

Razon, however said, “Somebody is trying to destroy the image of the PNP that is why these is happening.” He also believed that Faeldon is still here in Metro Manila.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

8 residential houses blaze by fire in Manila

April 20, 2008
Story: 8 residential houses blaze by fire in Manila

Eight residential houses, made of concrete were gutted by fire in Manila Sunday morning that reach fifth alarm.

On the initial investigation of SFO2 Emmanuel Gaspar, the fire started at around 8:24 am and was declared fire out at around 9:21 am. The houses are located in # 1254 Santan St. Punta, Sta. Ana, Manila.

The origin of the fire started at the second floor of the house of certain Raymond Figueroa. But the cause of the fire has yet to be determined. But based on what the neighbors are saying at the area, the cause might be electrical faulty wiring.

Estimated damages were about Php 2M. There were no reported injured and casualties on the said incident.

Truck loaded of bananas burned in Compostela Valley

April 20, 2008
Story: Truck loaded of bananas burned in Compostela Valley

A truck loaded with estimated one thousand boxes of bananas for export was burned by alleged members of New People’s Army in Compostela valley.

According to Sr. Insp. Conrado Budac of Compostela Provincial Police Office, the 40-footer truck was on its way to its warehouse in Davao when it was blocked by six unidentified armed men at Kilometer 93, Bgy. Magsaysay, Nabunturan Town of Comval province.

The truck has only two passengers, the driver and his helper, “The suspects asked the driver and its helper to go down and leave, since they were armed, the driver and the helper followed the suspects order and leave the place for fear of their lives,” Budac said.

The incident occurred last April 18 at around 10:30 pm.

The suspects pour gasoline on the tires of the truck and to its side then set it on fire. All the bananas loaded into the truck were burned.

Estimated damages was about Php 4.1 million. The driver and the helper were not hurt by the suspects.

On the initial investigation, Budac said, the suspects burned the said truck loaded with bananas due to exploitation on the laborers or employees of the banana growers.

The suspects immediately escaped the area after they set fire on the truck.

Two CIDG personnel killed in vehicular accident in North Cotabato

April 20, 2008
Story: Two CIDG personnel killed in vehicular accident in North Cotabato

Two policemen both members of Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) got killed after they were bumped by a van in Pikit town of North Cotabato.

The two policemen were identified by Inspector Elias Dandan, Chief of Police of Pikit Police Station, as PO2 Gaspar Neil Lacia and PO1 Nestor Labausas, both riding in one motorcycle. They both died on the spot because of the impact. Labausas was driving the motorcycle while Lacia was on the backride.

“It was a head-on collision,” said Dandan of the accident. He also added that the policemen were on duty at that moment, and they are about to go back to their office in Kidapawan, North Cotabato. The policemen came from the town of Midsayap also in North Cotabato, wherein they were conducting an investigation.

The van which was identified as a Nissan Urvan with plate number MVR-529, was driven by Radjack Suliek, who was also dead on the spot. Dandan said, the van was a public utility vehicle bringing passenger to and from Cotabato City—Kabatnan, North Cotabato.

Based on the initial investigation, both vehicles were passing on a National highway, but in opposite direction. The driver of Nissan Urvan overtook the Isuzu Forward vehicle in front of them, not knowing a motorcycle was on the opposite lanes. It made the van to swerve to the left side of the road and dragged the said motorcycle of the policemen.

Then, the van bumped into the concrete post of Takepan Elementary School.

The incident happened in front of Takepan Elementary School, barangay Takepan, Pikit, North Cotabato. Because of the strong impact, the driver of the van was thrown away in front of the said school, his head and body bumped on its wall.

Ten passengers of the Van sustained minor injuries were rushed to Cruzado Medical hospital. They are now in stable condition.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

two soldiers wounded after an encounter with rebels in Sorsogon

Ma. Lourdes “Miami” Ebilane
April 17, 2008
Story 1: two soldiers wounded after an encounter with rebels in Sorsogon

Eight men team members of 3rd Scout Ranger Battalion and South Command of Philippine Army had an encounter with rebels allegedly members of the New People’s Army last April 15, 2008.

Based on the report that reached Sorsogon Provincial Police Office, PO1 Allan Montenaros said during the 30 minute encounter which started at around 8:00 am, two soldier of the Philippine Army were wounded.

The wounded were identified as Corporal Rolando Soler, suffered from shrapnel wounds on his left arm and Corporal Christopher Lagco who was wounded on his left foot. They are in good condition.

The army was conducting their patrol operations when the rebels attacked them. “According to the report we received, there were more or less 15 rebels, probably members of NPA who attacked our soldiers while patrolling on the area. That is their everyday routine, maybe the rebels think of a proper timing,” Montenaros said.

The incident occurred at Barangay San Ramon, Barcelona, Sorsogon. Recovered from the scene was one jungle pack (military backpack) owned by the rebels.

CIDG arrests illegal recruiters in Manila

April 17, 2008
Story 2: CIDG arrests illegal recruiters in Manila

Elements of Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) arrested 17 illegal recruiters including the owner of the recruitment agency in Manila after they received reports that some Filipinos they recruit to work abroad were being deported back in the Philippines.

The arrest happened last April 15, 2:00 pm at the office of the recruitment agency Excellent Travel Agency located at 1523-1525 M.H. del Pilar Street, Ermita, Manila.

The owner of the recruitment agency who was arrested was identified as Luciano Lim. His employees who were also arrested were Jaime Alaoria, Eloisa Pacheco, Fresa Robles, Ronaldo Linsad, Laudemer Tovillo, Aries Oliveros, Crytel Alejandro, Flordeliza Herpacio, Arceli Palolan, Dennis Guia Perez, Analou Gigante, Diane Cortez, Marilee de Lar, Ernesto Ramos, Ria Evangelista and Ma. Christina Mercado.

The suspects were presented by Sr. Supt Gilbert Sosa, Chief of Anti-transnationals Crime Division to PNP Chief Avelino Razon. The suspects will face illegal human trafficking or violation of Republic Act 9208.

According to Lita Cantillo, one of the victims who was present during the presentation of the suspects in PNP Headquarters Camp Crame, she was able to stay in Singapore for only one month and the authorities already arrested her for possessing illegal documents, she was carrying tourist visa only instead of a working visa and do not have working permit.

The placement fee for the said recruitment agency was Php 200,000, Cantillo said she already pay Php 15,000 as down payment. Remaining amount will be deducted on their salary within their two years contract in Singapore.

The victims did not get anything from their employers in Singapore because of their questionable documents, and they were being deported back in the Philippines.

Items recovered on their office in Ermita were, 13 sets of computer with peripherals, one HP 4185 with cable, two Dot Matrix, one Laser Epson, one fax machine, one video tele-eye recording transmitter, one paper ticket printer, 12 pieces of 1.44 diskettes and Php 48,600.00

In arresting the suspects, Razon wants the CIDG to intensify their arrest more, “I congratulate them for the work they have done, but I would like to push CIDG more to arrest people who are involve in human trafficking.”

Sosa said, as of now, they already are looking to 20 more agencies that has been reported to them doing the same anomaly as Excellent Travel Agency.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

PNP challenge Faeldon to come out

April 16, 2008
Story: PNP challenge Faeldon to come out

The Philippine National Police (PNP) cannot also confirm if the one that were interviewed over ANC last night was Marine Capt. Nicanor Faeldon. But, Sr. Supt. Nicanor Bartolome, Chief of Public Information Office (PNP-PIO) said they are really expecting him to come-out in media long time ago.

“I cannot say if he was the one being interviewed but if it is really him, I challenged him to come-out and defend himself and prove to us that the report on our investigation did not really happen,” Bartolome said.

Bartolome said, they are really expecting Faeldon to make comments or statements long ago after the November 29 Manila Peninsula Siege but the latter did it late.

“We were expecting it because we know he will try to mislead the public on the investigations, and he will say that he did not do anything wrong,” Bartolome added.

With regards to the reporter involved in the escape of Faeldon during the Manila pen Siege Bartolome did not yet identified the said reporter. “Investigation still on going, and they are (investigators) considering proper timing to identify the reporter,” Bartlome said.

Bartolome also said that there are no plans yet to invite or questioned Ces Drilon, senior reporter of ANC a subsidiary of ABS-CBN, who interviewed Faeldon Tuesday night.

NCRPO to intensify anti-crime operations

April 16, 2008
Story: NCRPO to intensify anti-crime operations

National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) Chief, Geary Barias ordered his District Directors to intensify their anti-crime efforts in order to maintain or lessen the recorded low crime rate for the first quater of 2008.

Last April 7, Barias said from the last quarter of 2007 they received 5,108 crime reports and at the first quarter of 2008 they received about 4,574 or about 10% decrease.

In line with this, the NCRPO created 11 anti-crime goals and objectives for the 2nd quarter of 2008. These are: (1) Sustain the 10.27% decrease in the crime rate experienced during the 1st quarter of 2008; (2) Target Criminal Gangs in respective area of responsibilities; (3) Reduce incidents of street crimes and all forms of disorders; (4) Maintain vigilance against terrorists by working with force multipliers or the Armed Forces of the Philippines; (5) Handle mass actions effectively; (6) Establish Discipline Zones across Metro Manila; (7) Improve the quality of Police Service; (8) Eradicate Kotong; (9) HQNCRPO to continue to augment Districts with personnel from Regional Special Action Unit (RSAU) and Regional Headquarters Support Group (RHSG, the five police districts should do the same with their respective stations; (10) to continue the joint deployment and ant-crime operations with Special Action Force (SAF) and NCR Command (NCRCOM); and (11) Helped concerned government agencies deal with the problem of rice hoarding and other related crimes.

The NCRPO held their 1st command conference at the regional headquarters in Camp Bagong Diwa, Bicutan, Taguig, City which was attended by all District Directors, Chief of Police and other regional special unit commanders. He instructed his commanders to be proactive in their own crime reduction objectives by instituting more aggressive measures in targeting criminal gangs and in crime reduction and prevention such as the improvement of their respective dragnet operations.

Barias noted there are many bank robbery hold-up happened during the first quarter of 2008, “Of course, we want to avoid this. By doing this, we have to develop also the machineries of the districts.”

The NCRPO want their radio unit to be upgraded and be connected to all units especially on the District Tactical Operations Center of the districts. This is important so that the police can be able to run after the criminals after an incident and be able to inform other districts to help them capture the criminals who will might run on their districts.

He is also hoping that the discipline zone project of Quezon City will also be implemented in the whole Metro Manila. The discipline zone project dubbed as Sumunod sa Batas Zone on the whole stretch of Commonwealth Avenue from Philcoa to Fairview. The project will be implemented by the end of April.

“If this will be successful, we will apply it on the whole NCR in the hope to decrease the crime rate in Metro Manila,” Barias added.

They are also planning to have shotguns or baby armalite to all their patrol cars because according to Barias most criminals have high-end guns.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

3,308 sacks of rice seized in Silang Cavite

April 15, 2008
Story 2: 3,308 sacks of rice seized in Silang Cavite

Policemen from Silang, Cavite led by Chief Inspector Villaflor Banawagan, conducted an inspection on the warehouses in the area and found one establishment allegedly hoarding number of sacks of rice.

According to Region 4-A CALABARZON Regional Director Chief Supt. Ricardo Padilla, he ordered his men to conduct operations or search at the warehouse on the area to possibly identify the legal and illegal warehouses and to avoid rice hoarding.

The raid happened at around 9:00 am of April 14, 2008 when the operatives of Silang, Cavite inspected the area of Barangay Maguyam, Silang, Cavite. On the report of SPO1 Jo Norman Patambang of SIlang Police Station, the people in Boardwalk Business Rental refused to be inspected.

“It is a warehouse, but they are not licenced to sell rice,” Patambang said.

On the said inspections they seized 334 bags of Thailand Rice; 3,308 bags of commercial rice; 24 cone of sacks thread; 2 weighing scale; 5,000 different empty sack bags and ninety nine 99 empty NFA sack of rice; different paraphernalia’s for repacking of rice; one record book (brown) indicated the number of mixed of NFA rice and imported rice; and one small note book indicated the number of NFA sacks they received.

The place is being rented by a couple named Melvin and Veronica Madera but they were not around during the search.

Acording to Padila, the people at the said warehouse is re-bagging the rice and will be sold as NFA rice, “With these, they will earn much more, because people will buy rice to them, thinking that they are selling NFA rice, but the truth is, those rice were commercial and they are not authorized to sell it.”

Padilla also said that they already coordinated with the National Food Authority with regards to this matter, and the NFA will be the one who will file case against the hoarders once they will be arrested.

Fishing boat sank in Cebu, one still missing

April 15, 2008
Story 1: Fishing boat sank in Cebu, one still missing

Fishing Boat Joy on board to Mandaue, Cebu capsized in the area of Liluan Cebu Sunday morning and one still reported missing.

According to Commander Antonio Cuasito of Cebu Coast Guard they only received the report about the incident, Monday, April 14, 10:00 am when the passing vessel MV Samar Star saw two of the survivors in the area of Camotes Island and saved them.

The two first survivors were identified as Edwin Cualvar, 42 and Jose Laurez, 25.

“The MV Samar Star which is a private vessel, when they saw the two, they immediately rescued them and brought here our office and report the incident,” Cuasito said.

The incident occurred Sunday, April 13 at around 10:00 am. The fishing boat came from Port Tandag of Surigao and going to Quano Wharf of Mandaue Cebu Cuty but only received the report Monday morning. Cuasito explained that the reason why they only received the report day after the incident because the victims were already at the middle of the sea, and the victims do not have radio to inform anyone on the incident.

Cuasito said there were about 6 passengers on the fishing boat, “The boat is not overloaded, however they encounter strong waves along the way.” The strong wave was brought by the bad weather as the country also experience typhoon named “Ambo.” The center of the said typhoon is in Puerto Princesa.

Two other survivors were found by Bantay Dagat of Camotes Island, Monday, April 14 at around 12:00 noon were identified as Joben Luarez, 38 and Dan Mark Danyo, 16.

As of Tuesday, April 15, 9:00 am, Cuasito received report that Jobert Luarez, 28, was also rescued by the Bantay Dagat in Camotes Island and brought to Vicente Sotto Hospital in Camotes Island also. All of the survivors were in good condition. Camotes island to Mandaue is 2 hours travel by sea.

However, a certain Loloy is still missing as of this moment and his colleagues fears that he already died. “We are still confirming of the identity of Loloy, and if it is really true that he is dead already,” Cuasito said.

He added that as of 12:00 noon of Tuesday, he already received report that some passing boats reported that they saw body floating in Liluan, Cebu but no one can confirm yet if that is Loloy.

The passengers of the fishing boat is going to Mandaue City to sell the fish they caught Saturday night, the travel from Surigao to Mandaue will last up to 12 hours.

The Cebu Coast Guard still conducting search and rescue operations.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Son of former Vice-Mayor in Laurel Batangas, shot to death in Tanauan Batangas

April 14, 2008
Story: Son of former Vice-Mayor in Laurel Batangas, shot to death in Tanauan, Batangas

Son of former Laurel, Batangas Vice-Mayor Adolfo Agojo, was shot to death in Tanauan, Batangas outside of the cockpit area on the said place.

Sr. Supt. Jose Pumida, Chief of Tanauan, Batangas identified the victim as Teodoro Agojo, 37, living in Laurel, Batangas. He said they are looking for a betting fight on cockfight as the reason for the instant death of the victim or because of illegal drugs.

The Tanauan police still investigating the case as they have still have vague lead.

The incident transpired at around 3:30 am of April 13, 2008, at the front of the cockpit arena in Bgy. Darasa, Tanauan, Batangas.

“The victim went outside the cockpit, then suddenly he was shot by still unidentified suspects,” Pumida said. He added that there were two suspects on the crime, and immediately fled after the incident riding single motorcycle.

The victim sustained multiple gunshot wounds on his body and he was dead on the spot. The Tanauan police recovered five spent shells of .45 revolver.

Two cell sites in Sorsogon attacked by alleged NPA

April 14, 2008
Story: Two cell sites in Sorsogon attacked by alleged NPA

20 unidentified armed suspects allegedly member of New Poeple’s Army entered the compound where the Globe Cell Site in Sorsogon is located and planted an explosive bomb which exploded after they left.

The incident occurred at around 12:45 am of April 13, 2008 at Barangay Tabon-tabon, Irosin, Sorsogon.

On the reports received by Irosin Chief of Police Wilson Alikuman, upon the entry of the suspects on the said compound, the Security Guard on duty, identified as Apolinario Gabi was dragged by some of the suspects at gunpoint and tied his wrist so that he cannot fight them while other suspects installed an improvised bomb that blew the control room of the cell site.

The security guard was not hurt, but the suspects get his calibre 38 revolver, one PTT radio and one cellphone.

As of this moment, the Irosin Police cannot determine the extent of damages because they are still waiting for the report of the Globe management in Sorsogon who are checking on the damages. “They are the one who can identify what instruments or gadgets were damaged because of the explosion,” Alikuman said.

But he added based on ocular inspection the door and the gate were only ones damaged, “but based on the impact on the explosion, the wirings might have damages also which they can identify.”

The signal of the Globe network was ceased after the explosion, but it was restored within the day at around 1:30 pm.

Meanwhile, the Sorsogon Provincial Police Office Operations Division, received a report that the Sun Cell Site was burned by the alleged communists at around 3:30 am of April 13. The location of Sun Cell is also in Barangay Tabon-tabon, Irosin, Sorsogon. According to the operations division, the cell site of Sun cellular was burned using gasoline, but it only cause minor damages on the site because the security was able to put the fire out and the grass were moisten.

The suspect fled towards the forested area after the incidents.

PNP Chief, believes there is no rice crisis in the country

April 14, 2008
Story: PNP Chief, believes there is no rice crisis in the country

Philippine National police Chief Dir. Gen. Avelino Razon assures the public that the country will not experience food riot, or people will fight each other because of lack of food.

“That will not happen (food riot) because we still have enough supply of food especially rice for our countrymen,” Razon said in the 2nd anniversary of Talakayan sa Isyung Pulis (TSIP).

The Chief is confident that the country has sufficient stocks of rice that can be properly distributed or sell to the public in much cheaper price than the commercial rice. He also said that they are coordinating with the Department of Agriculture (DA) and National Food Authority (NFA) for proper distribution and proper pricing of the NFA rice.

“We have to monitor the distribution and pricing of the rice because the people might riot because they have to fall in line and wait for their turn, of course all of them want to avail the cheap rice being sold to NFA retailer outlets. So we rally have to maintain peace and order,” Razon said.

Razon also believed it is not necessary for President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to declare State of Emergency, “I will reiterate again, we do not have rice crisis, there is no reason for panic buying also.”

He also added that the PNP-CIDG (Criminal Investigation and Detection Group) is also working with the NFA, DA and National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) for the possible location of those who are hoarding the rice.

Police shot in Pasig City

Ma. Lourdes “Miami” Ebilane
April 14, 2008
Story: Police shot in Pasig City

A police assigned in Caloocan City was shot by three young men in Pasig city where the victim resides.

The victim was identified as SPO2 Ruben Fedelino by Pasig Chief of Police Sr. Supt. Francisco Uyami, Jr. The Chief narrated that Fedelino was about to go home when he was shot by still unidentified men.

“According to him (victim) those who shot him maybe age at around 17-19 only, that is how young are they,” Uyami said.

Fedelino was shot in Bagong Taon Street corner E. Santos St. Bgy. Sto. Thomas, Pasig City, a corner street near his house at around 9:00 am. He is residing at Bagong Taon street. Fedelino was on board his motorcycle when he was shot.

“He is thinking that the reason why he was attacked this morning is because of illegal drugs. According to him, maybe, the suspects or the master mind are thinking that he is the one giving reports or information to the police with regards to illegal drug operation,” Uyami explained.

The victim sustained three gunshot wounds on his abdomen, he was rushed at Rizal Medical Center and later transferred to Medical City for medical attention.

The Pasig Police still investigating the case.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

One soldier killed in an encounter in Compostela valley

April 13, 2008
Story: One soldier killed in an encounter in Compostela valley

An undetermined number of rebels attacked the detachment of 28th Infantry battalion of the Philippine Army in barangay Banlag, Monkayo Town of Compostela Valley.

The assault of the suspected members of new people’s Army happened at around 1:30 in the afternoon of April 12, 2008. On the report received by Provincial Police Office of Compostela valley, the soldiers were having their lunch when the rebels shot their detachment.

One soldier got killed on the spot, identified as Private First Class Sherwin Castillo.

The firefight lasted for 15 minutes, the rebels escaped towards the direction of barangay Kasu-on, Monkayo, Compostela valley. There were no reported injured or casualty on the side of the rebels.

Two explosions astound Zamboanga City

April 13, 2008
Story: Two explosions astound Zamboanga City

Early in the morning of April 13, Sunday, the Zamboanga City was rocked by two explosions that prompted for the police to declare a heightened alert status on the said City. There were no reported injured or fatalities on both incident.

The first explosion occurred at around 4:15 am at the parking area of immaculate Concepcion Cathedral located in La Purisima Street, Zone 3, Zamboanga City.

On the report received by Regional Director Chief Supt. Jaime Caringal, there were three male suspects boarding in one motorcycle went to the parking area of the said church. “According to the caretaker of the Cathedral he sensed that there are people moving at the area, what the caretaker did is to open the lights on his room,” Caringal narrated.

After the caretaker turned on his lights, the suspects who seem to be stunned with the lights coming from a room immediately left the place leaving the bag they have. The caretaker managed to call their security officer at the area, but when the security officer arrived at the parking lot of the church, the suspects were gone already and the bag exploded already.

The caretaker heard the suspects talking in tausug dialect.

Recovered from the blast scene is one 81 mm mortar. Caringal also said there were two cars have been damaged because of the explosion. “Maybe the suspects want to put the bomb under one of the parked vehicles but they knew that somebody saw them that is why they just left it like that.”

At about 20 minutes after, around 4:35 am, another explosion occurred in front of Maybank along Veterans Ave, 10 minutes drive away from the first blast scene.

Caringal said on the second explosion they recovered, two 60 mm mortar, but it only cause low explosion, “It did not exploded completely. We are thinking that the suspects just left their remaining bombs there.”

The wall of the bank was only partially damaged.

Caringal said they are suspecting the Moro Islamic liberation front (MILF) or Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) as the group behind the explosions because these groups also possess the said mortars aside from the military.

Friday, April 11, 2008

TMG seizes carnapped luxury vehicles in Mindanao

April 11, 2008
Story 3: TMG seizes carnapped luxury vehicles in Mindanao

Task Force Limbas of Traffic Management Group of the PNP has seized 21 luxury cars in Mindanao during their operation from March 24 to April 5, 2008.

According to TMG Director Chief Supt. Pefecto Palad, the cars either carnapped or sporting spurious documents. The vehicles were recovered from Davao City and Cagayan de Oro. The kinds of vehicles that were recovered were Mitsubishi pajero, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Prado, Toyota Revo, Toyota Innova, Honda CRV, Isuzu Alterra and Mitsubishi L-300.

“They have modus operandi that they will carnapped the cars here in Manila, then it will be send to Mindanao to for documents falsification,” Palad said. After the documents being changed, it will be returned in Manila to sell the vehicles.

Documents being falsified are official receipt from Land Transportation Office, car registration, sales invoice and Motor vehicle Clearance certificate Form (MVCC).

Palad also added, “Probably the suspects has some connection inside LTO office in Iligan, davao, Cotabato or Cagayan de oro so that they can tampered those documents. Sometimes even the engine and chasis number of the vehicle itself is being tampered.”

Their operation was based from intelligence report and also from the complaint of the owners of those vehicles that were being carnapped. The owners who reported the carnapping incident to the police, the police took note of that and put it on record the description, plate number, official receipt number, car registration number, engine number and chasis number.

The TMG are still looking for some reported carnapped vehicles and in the process of investigation. They are also investigating the mentioned LTO agencies.

11,000th botika ng barangay launched by GMA in Taguig, GMA ok the removal of generics only provision in cheapmeds bill

April 11, 2008
Story 4: 11,000th botika ng barangay launched by GMA in Taguig, GMA ok the removal of generics only provision in cheapmeds bill

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo lead the launching of the 11,000th botika ng barangay in Taguig City, Friday morning.

The president said the celebration coincides the 20th anniversary of the Generics Law of the country. “With this project of botika ng barangay, we are bringing much cheaper medicines to the people who cannot afford the branded ones.” Arroyo also added that the medicines at the botika ng barangay are much cheaper for about 50% off.

On her speech she said she is hoping that the cheaper medicines bill become a law on the resumption of session of both Senate and Congress on April 21.

“They are locked up in the Bicameral Conference Committee. Because on the ‘Generics only provision’ which says that on the prescription, only generic name will be written,” Arroyo said.

She expressed her willingness on passing the cheaper medicine bill into law. If the generic only provision becoming the hindrance, the President wanted it to be removed.

DOH Secretary Francisco Duque explained he already told some senators and congressmen that they are willing to let the generics only provision be removed on the cheaper medicine bills, “for the loosends to be meet.”

Duque admitted that he wants the generic only provision to promote the generics medicine are also alright to take just like the branded ones, so that many people will buy generic brand.

“But since, about 54% of our people are already informed of the generic brand of medicines, that provision can be removed already,” Duque said.

The 11,000th botika ng barangay was launched inside PNP Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig City. According to Duque, the administration of the NCRPO administration applied at the DOH for them to have the botika on their area. Even if the drugstore is inside the camp, the public can still buy from it.

“We are thankful to them, we want to have this because we want to do our part in helping more our people,” Barias said.

Duque praised the president with this project, saying that “this is the most effective and successful health project of the president.”

Jobless man hostage his relatives in Paranaque City

April 11, 2008
Story 2: Jobless man hostage his relatives in Paranaque City

A jobless man hostage his nephews and nieces at their residence in Paranaque city, but the parents of the victims did not file any complaint on the suspect.

The suspect was identified as Antonio Sedano, 39, married. It was believed that the suspect was under the influence of illegal drugs and was depressed because he has no job. And the family told the police that they will enter the suspect into a rehabilitation center to avoid another incident like this.

It was still not clear why the suspect hostaged his 6 nephew and nieces who are all minor aged 2-20 years old.

The incident started at around 7:00 am at #8329 San Bernardino St. Barangay San Antonio Valley, paranaque City. The Paranaque Police able to rescue the victims at around 8:30 am after the suspect calm down.

The suspect was holding 2 kitchen knife about fur and six inches long. SPO1 Romeo Cantal said that they did not arrest the suspect because the family did not file complaint against him, and made a decision that they will send the suspect at the rehabilitation center.

P3m estimated damages blaze by fire in Baguio City

April 11, 2008
Story 1: P3m estimated damages blaze by fire in Baguio City

An estimated P3 million worth of damages wwere gutted by fire at the public market in Baguio City, fire official said.

Fire Inspector Jovencio Marquez said the fire started at around 4:15 am and was fire declared fire out at around 5:20 am. The fire only reached first alarm.

“The estimated damages reached P3M because of the items that were burned,” Marquez said. Among the items were souvenir items like wood carvings, ready to wear clothes and other pasalubong items that were being sold at the 100 stalls affected by fire.

The market was located at Magsaysay Avenue of Baguio City, fronting People’s park. The section that were bruned were known as sari-sari section.

The cause of fire is still under investigation, but Mendoza said, allegedly it was an electrical faulty wiring caused it. The origin was at the stall # 56.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Court trial on Oakwood mutiny continue despite of the conviction on 9 other Magdalo members

April 10, 2008
Story 2: Court trial on Oakwood mutiny continue despite of the conviction on 9 other Magdalo members

The hearing on accused Magdalo soldiers continue even though nine of the 31 accused Magdalo soldiers were sentenced to reclusion perpetua and reclusion mayor last April 8, 2008, after they change their plea from non-guilty to guilty last April 1, 2008.

In the witness stand was former Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff Narcisio Abaya. Criminal case clerk of Court of Branch 148 of the Makati RTC, Mr. Noel dela Cuesta said that Abaya did not say that the act that the solders committed was coup d’etat. “But he confirmed that the soldiers went to Oakwood armed and expressed their grievances.”

However, according to Asst. Chief of State Prosecutor Richard Fadullon, “Abaya said that the grievances of the Magdalo soldiers were valid and the act they committed was coup d’etat.

Fadullon also said that they opposed on Abaya to become witness because for the prosecution, whatever Abaya will say will be irrelevant already. “Aside from they were armed during that time, they also asked for the resignation of the president (Gloria macapagal-Arroyo) and some AFP officials, that is coup already,” Fadullon said.

Meanwhile, the defense panel said that Abaya did not say the soldiers did not commit coup d’etat because there was no attack from the Magdalo soldiers happened. “In fact, Abaya said that he send troops at the area to protect the junior officers, so tey are not in the defensive position,” Atty. Ernesto Francisco said.

Francisco said that Abaya confirms the grievances of the Magdalo soldiers regarding to the attacks and bombings happening in Mindanao. “The AFP blames the MILF and MNLF for the bombing incidents in Mindanao, but the junior officers believed that some members of the AFP were the ones who did it because of the 81 mm ammunition found in Cotabato which they believed is belonged to the AFP” he said.

The next hearing is set on April 24, 2008.

Meanwhile, 1st Lt. Lawrence San Juan, Philippine Army, posted bail for him to be free again. Judge Oscar Pimentel of Makati Branch 148, had ordered his release after San Juan paid Php 100,000 as bail bond. San Juan was not considered as one of the core-leaders of the Magdalo the reason why Judge Pimentel approved of his provisional liberty.

Committee report on House Resolution 124 on hold due to technicalities on quorum

April 10, 2008
Story 1: Committee report on House Resolution 124 on hold due to technicalities on quorum

The committee report on House Resolution 124 was put on hold due to lack of quorum during the last committee hearing of the Committee on Foreign Affairs last March 11, 2008.

The House Resolution 124 was authored mainly by Gabriella Party list Rep. Liza Masa together with Gabriella Partylist Rep. Luzviminda Ilagan,Paranaque Rep. Eduardo Zialcita, Bayan Muna Reps Satur Ocampo and Teodoro Casino, and Anakpawis Rep. Crispin Beltran. The resolution is about urging the Japanese government to formally acknowledge, apologize and accept the responsibility over the sexual slavery of young women known as comfort women by the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II.

According to the Committee Secretary of Committee on Foreign Affairs Millet Apostol, the resolution was not returned to them because technically it is still within the committee.

“Our chairman (Cebu Rep. Antonio Cuenco) told me not to make the committee report yet, as the resolution needed to be ratified by the other members of the committee,” Apostol said.

Cuenco admitted that they do not have proper quorum when they had their committee hearing last March 11. “We were only three then but we continued on the hearing because we want to hear what will Rep. Maza will have to explain with regards to her resolution and because we already scheduled it,” he said.

It can be recalled that most of the members of the committee did not attend the meeting because some of them attended the signing of National Budget for Year 2008 into law by Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo at the Malacanang Palace.

The committee on Foreign Affairs has 55 members, and for them to have a proper quorum at least 11 of them should have attended the hearing. But during the March 11 hearing those who attended were Nueva Viscaya Rep. Carlos Padilla, author of the resolution Rep. Liza Maza and the Chair of the committee Rep. Cuenco.

Apostol narrated to Manila Shimbun that the day before the committee hearing (March 10) somebody from Japanese embassy asked if they can attend the committee hearing, Apostol said yes because the hearing is open to the public.

During the hearing the First Secretary of the Political Section of the Japanese Embassy named Yoshihisa Ishikawa attended the said hearing as an observer only. Apostol said she did not know if the Japanese Embassy representative talked to Cuenco or not.

According to Cuenco, Ishikawa asked him of their quorum because they were only three members present at the hearing. “I explained to him that whatever will be talked about or approved upon will be subject for ratification of other members,” Cuenco said.

Cuenco denied any negotiations from the Japanese embassy, he said he just want the resolution to be cleared from intrigues that is why he want other members to ratify the resolution if they are in favour of it before finalizing the committee report and submitting it to the plenary.
In fact, he also said that he is in favour of the resolution, but they do not have the proper quorum during the hearing that is why they have to wait for the ratification of other members.

Once the committee report is done, it will be submitted to Bills and Indexes for numbering then it will be submitted to Committee on Rules for scheduling and including it at the Order of Business in able to discuss it at the Plenary.

Once it is on the Plenary already, they will adopt the resolution through viva voce.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

150 families left homeless after their houses gutted by fire

April 9, 2008
Story: 150 families left homeless after their houses gutted by fire

Around 40 houses were burned at Arayat Street corner Benitez street, Barangay San Martin de Porres, Quezon City.

The fire started at around 10:30 am and reached task force Bravo at around 10:59 am, it was declared fire out at around 3:05 pm.

According to SFO3 Jose Felipe Aresa, the origin of the fire was allegedly at the house of certain Pauleen Raj, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. But, he said that based on what the people are saying it has possibility of an LPG explosion.

Around 150 families were affected and the estimated damages reached at about P 3 million.

There were four reported injured they are: Estelita Chang, Edwin Sorreno, Paolo Serreno, and Oliver Agra. They were rushed in Capitol Medical Center for medical treatment, they sustained wounds and mild burns, but they are in stable condition.

Aresa also added that the families affected were not illegal settlers and the houses were made of concrete, but some were light materials the reason why the fire spread so fast.

CIDG seize explosive components in Laguna but no one was arrested

April 9, 2008
Story 1: CIDG seize explosive components in Laguna but no one was arrested

Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) has seized explosives components in Laguna, Wednesday night at around 8:00 pm, April 8. According to the officials this is part of their effort to eradicate terrorists in the country.

According to CIDG Director Chief Supt. Raul Castaneda the CIDS together with the Special Action Force of the PNP were able to seize 550 pieces of improvised blasting caps, 25 pieces of time fuse, 2 pieces of detonating cord and an undetermined amount of Tetryl compound, a kind of explosive compound used to make detonators and explosive booster charges.

Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Ronaldo Puno were satisfied on the efforts of the policemen to remove any attempt of terrorism in the country.

Castaneda said that the subject of their operation was a certain Khalid Pagayao, a Filipino whom the authorities believed to be part of the bombing threat in several embassies in Manila. They said Pagayao may be a member of Jemaah Islamiya or Al Queda.

“Accumulation of dangerous things like explosive ones is not a casual thing. The configuration of the material that we find is an indicative of an intention of those behind threats,” Puno said.

However, their subject was not around during the raid. But, they also said that this is connected on other incidents that already happened like the deportation of two Jordanians last February 27.

The two Jordanians were deported because of violation of Immigration laws, but Razon said they also received reports that they were connected with the terrorist group. They were identified as Khalil Kh. Walid Abu Aisheh.

The officials also said that it is not normal for people to keep explosive devices on their house, that is why they believed that Pagayao is part of a terror group.

The police are now making follow-up operations on the possible whereabouts of Pagayao.
Puno and Razon were one in saying, “we want to prevent any terrorist act in our country, we will do what we canto stop it.”

One killed in a vehicular accident in Lipa City, Batangas

April 9, 2008
Story: One killed in a vehicular accident in Lipa City, Batangas

A vehicular accident between two trucks occurred in Lipa City, Batangas. The two trucks were on board to Southbound about to exit Lipa City. The officials said the trucks came from Manila.

The incident occurred at around 1:35 pm, April 9, 2008, between Isuzu 10-wheeler truck (XHB-884) and an Ingasco corp. tanker (DWX-325) which was empty. The location was at Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (Star) tollway, in Purok 1, Barangay Tibig, Lipa City.

According to the Chief of Police of Lipa Sr. Supt. Rodney Ramirez, the tanker overtakes the 10-wheeler truck in front. While doing the overtake, the head of the tanker bumped the end tail of the truck, but the tanker were able to go at the front of the truck then went at the right lane of the highway but fell off at the ravine approximately 8 feet.

When the tanker fell off, one of the passenger identified as Roel Abacajan, 29, were able to go out while the driver of the tanker identified as Bonifacio Pautagana was thrown out of the tanker when they fall. Pautagana was dead on the spot.

Since, the tanker is empty, it did not cause so much fire when it exploded.

Abacajan who sustained bruises and muscle pain, where brought to Pediatrics General Hospital for treatment.

The passengers of the trailer truck were unhurt.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Gambala and Maestrecampo faces reclusion perpetua, 7 other Magdalo soldiers sentenced to reclusion mayor

Ma. Lourdes “Miami” Ebilane
April 8, 2008
Story 1: Gambala and Maestrecampo faces reclusion perpetua, 7 other Magdalo soldiers sentenced to reclusion mayor

The Makati Regional Trial Court Branch 148 handed down the sentence for the nine Magdalo soldiers who changed their plea from not guilty to guilty for the coup d’etat case last April 2, 2008.

Judge Oscar Pimentel sentenced the two Magdalo soldiers of reclusion perpetua or 40 years of imprisonment while the other seven co-accused were sentenced to reclusion mayor or six years and one day to 12 years imprisonment.

Those who were sentenced to reclusion perpetua are Capt. Gerardo Gamballa and Capt. Milo Maestrecampo. While, Capt. Laurence Somera, 1LT. Florentino Somera, Capt. John Andres, Capt. Alvin Ebreo, 1Lt. Cleo Dungga-as, Capt. Albert Baloloy and Lt. Bryan Yasay faces reclusion mayor.

The dispositive portion of the 127 page decision was read by the clerk of Makati RTC branch 148, based on it, it said that the nine accused pleaded guilty same as admitting the violation that they did last July 2003.

Gambala and Maestrecampo has long years of imprisonment than the two because they are onsidered by the Court as leaders because they are the ones coordinating with them. While the seven co-accused are only participants of the crime.

Thus, saying that Gambala, Maestrecampo and the seven others has violated Article 134-A of the Revised Penal Code.

The prosecutors were surprised on the decision because they recommend lower offense, “This is much harsher than we expect,” Assistant Chief State Prosecutor Richard Anthony Fadullon said.

During the last hearing, Fadullon recommended 17 to 20 years imprisonment for the core leaders that will be identified by the Court and 10-12 years for the co-accused. Fadullon also added that maybe the soldiers already realized that they are really part of a crime that is why they change their plea and ready for the consequences. “We admire their courage for changing their plea,” State Prosecutor Juan Pedro Navera said.

The number of years that the convicted soldiers stayed at the custodial center of Philippine Army in Fort Bonficio, Taguig City will be counted as long as they prove that they stayed their as prisoners.

Meanwhile, the nine Magdalo soldiers were back at the Phil. Army custodial center because they still have pending case at the Court Martial with regards to the violation of Articles of War.

The soldiers arrived at around 9:05 am, they were handcuffs with their respective escort. There are no any reaction on their face when the sentence was being read. They are also wearing their green office uniform.

Meanwhile, the case for the remaining accused Magdalo soldiers will still continue, the next hearing was set on April 10, 2008.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Crime rate in NCRPO drops at the first quarter of 2008

Ma. Lourdes “Miami” Ebilane
April 7, 2008
Story: Crime rate in NCRPO drops at the first quarter of 2008

National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) Chief Geary Barias had reported the decrease of crime rate for the first quarter of 2008 compared to last quarter of last year or 2007.

Barias said from the last quarter of 2007 they received 5,108 crime reports and at the last quarter of year 2007 they received about 4,574. “Despite of the man big rallies that we have on the first quarter of 2008, the crime rates drops, and that is good for us,” he said.

He also took note that the rallies that were held was not ordinary rallies, these includes the youth rally, interfaith rally, prayer rally in Makati and Manila. The number of rallies increased by 44%, from 145 last year (October to December) to 209 from January to March of 2008.

Barias said that the reason for decrease is because of the deployment of PNP personnel at the streets, and with tandem with Armed Forces of the Philippines and PNP at the mobile cars. According to Barias there are about 75 AFP personnel are joining the PNP in patrolling along the streets of Metro Manila.

Meanwhile, Barias said that not later than this month of April, they will join the local government of Quezon City in launching a discipline zone and hoping for another decrease in crime rate.

“The vision for this is to restore all discipline in that particular place as a pilot project for Metro Manila. We are going to implement all ordinances,” Barias said.

The project was initiated by Quezon City but the PNP and the MMDA will help in the implementation of it. The projects will be dubbed as Sumunod sa Batas Zone (Follow the Law). Barias explained that the whole stretch of Commonwealth from Philcoa to Fairview, will be the discipline zone area.

With the project they are expecting zero littering, zero traffic violations and zero crime rate, and zero jaywalking. “Many got killed because of jaywalking on that stretch of Commonwealth so with that discipline zone, that may prevented,” Barias added.

Those who will implement the discipline zone are the QCPD, MMDA and local law enforcer of Quezon City.

The project will run for three months and if it will be successful, it will apply into other areas as well.